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College Basketball: Coaching Changes 2020

By Jack Williams

Dave Pilipovich - Air Force - Out

After one win season in nine (9) years, Coach Dave Pilipovich was fired as the Air Force head coach.


Lewis Jackson - Alabama State - Out

Coach Lewis Jackson has decided to put his resignation after 15 years as Alabama State's head coach.


Montez Robinson - Alcorn State - Out

Coach Montez Robinson filed to win the SWAC during his five (5) year tenure with the team. For this reason Alcorn State decided not to renew his contract.


Russ Pennell - Central Arkansas - Out

Coach Russ Pennell did not return to UCA after taking a leave of absence for personal reasons. Central Arkansas had only one (1) win season out of the six (6) seasons coach Pennell has been with the team.

Anthony Boone - IN

Coach Boone has over 20 years of college basketball coaching experience as either an assistant coach or graduate assistant. Coach Boone’s experience in division 1 basketball should be instrumental in building a successful program for Central Arkansas.

Walter McCarty -Evansville - Out

Coach Walter McCarty was accused of sexual misconduct and therefore was fired from Evansville. Got to be more careful!

Todd Lickliter - IN

Coach Todd Lickliter has over 11 years’ experience as head coach of a division 1 college basketball team. His greatest success came when he was head coach of Butler from 2001-2007. He led Butler to two (2) Sweet Sixteen appearances (2003 and 2007) and two NIT appearances (2002 and 2206). Coach Lickliter should do very well at Evansville.

Dan Majerle - Grand Canyon - Out

After several fairly good seasons with the team, grand Canyon decided to fire Dan Majerie. The team failed to reach the Big Dance under Coach Majarie.

Bryce Drew - IN

Coach Bryce Drew has over 9 years of head coaching experience on the division 1 level. His greatest success came when he was head coach at Valparaiso. He led Valparaiso to 2 NCAA tournament appearances (2013 and 2015). Two (2) NIT appearances (2012 and 2016), which includes a runner up in the NIT in 2016. Coach Drew also led his Valparaiso team to a CIT appearance in 2014.

Steve McClain - Illinois Chicago - Out

Coach Steve McClain was fired after failing to lead the team to the NCAA Tournament in his five 5 seasons.

Luke Yaklich - IN

Coach Luke Yaklich has 13 years of head coaching experience as a high school head coach. Coach Yaklich had great success as head coach of Joliet West. He also has over seven years of coaching experience on the division 1 level, serving has assistant coach at schools such as Illinois State, Michigan and Texas. Coach is a defensive minded coach and will do very well as head coach at UIC.

Tim Cluess - Iona - Out

Tim Cluess resigned due to an unknown illness.

Rick Pitino - IN

Coach Rick Pitino is one of the Top five active coaches in the league. He is the only coach to have taken three different teams to the Final Four (Providence 1987 Kentucky 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1997 Louisville 2012 and 2013). He has 2 NCAA Championships under his belt (Kentucky 1996 and Louisville 2013).

Jason Gardner - IUPUI - Out

Coach Jason Garner resigned after being arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Hamilton County.


Louis Rowe - James Madison - Out

After four (4) consecutive losing seasons, Coach Louis Rowe was fired as head coach of James Madison.

Mark Byington - IN

Coach Mark Byington has over 18 years of experience as coach on the division 1 level, including over Seven (7) year as a division 1 head coach. Coach Byington left Georgia Southern with a winning record of 131-97 (.575).

Mike Dunlap - Loyola Marymount - Out

After going six seasons without a winning season, Coach Mike Dunlap was fired from Loyola Marymount.

Stan Johnson - IN

Coach Stan Johnson has over 16 years of coaching experience on the division 1 level as an assistant coach, which includes 5 season as assistant coach at Marquette.

Jeff Linder - Northern Colorado - Out

Coach Jeff Linder has advanced to Wyoming to be head coach.

Steve Smiley - IN

Coach Steve Smiley has over 6 years of coaching experience on the division 1 level as an assistant coach, which includes 4 seasons as assistant coach at Northern Colorado.

Scott Padgett - Samford - Out

After six consecutive losing seasons, coach Scott Padgett is out as head coach at Samford


Rick Ray - SE Missouri St. - Out

After 5 consecutive losing seasons, Coach Rick Ray was fired from SEMO as head coach.

Brad Korn - IN

Coach Brad Korn has over 16 years of coaching experience on the division 1 level. He severed as an assistant coach for several division 1 schools, which includes his most recent position at Kansas State.

Robert Ehsan - UAB - Out

Coach Robert Ehsan failed to get UAB to the tournament in his four seasons with the team. As a result he was fired from the team as head coach.

Andy Kennedy - IN

Coach Andy Kennedy spent 12 season with Ole Miss as their head coach. Coach Kennedy led Ole Miss to two (2) NCAA tournament appearances (2013 and 2015) and six (6) NIT appearance 2007-2008, 2010-2012 and 2017).

C.B. McGrath - UNCW - Out

After three (3) consecutive losing seasons, coach C.B. McGrath was relived of his duties as head coach of UNCW.

Takayo Siddle - IN

Coach Takayo Siddle has over 10 years of coaching experience on the division 1 level. Coach Siddle has strong recruiting ties in the state of North Carolina and should do well at UNCW.

Steve Hawkins - W. Michigan - Out

As a result of only making it to the Big Dance once in 17 years, Western Michigan decided to fire head coach Steve Hawkins.


Billy Wright - Western Illinois - Out
After six (6) consecutive losing seasons, coach Billy Wright was let go by Western Illinois.

Rob Jeter - IN

Coach Rob Jeter spent over 11 years as the head coach of Milwaukee from 2005 until 2016. He led Milwaukee to two (2) NCAA Tournaments (2006 and 2014). He led them to the NIT in 2011 and to the CBI in 2012.

Allen Edwards - Wyoming - Out

After two (2) consecutive losing seasons, Coach Allen Edwards was let go by Wyoming.

Jeff Linder - IN

Coach Jeff Linder led Northern Colorado to three consecutive winning seasons before leaving , which includes a CIT Championship in 2018.