Jack Williams, D1CoachCorner.com 5:32am October 8, 2014

This summer when I heard the news that Coach Chris Holtmann was leaving Garner-Webb to become assistant coach at Butler, under Coach Brandon Miller, I was a little puzzled. Here is a man whose stock was on the rise due to the fact that he led a little known team, on the national stage, to its first division I post season tournament in school history.

During the 2013-2014 season, Gardner Webb finished in 2nd place, in the South Division, of the Big South Conference- and finished 21-13 overall. Their strong showing in the Big South Conference tournament earned them a trip to the CollegeInsiders.com Tournament (CIT).

With that increased rise in stock it was just a matter of time when coach Holtmann was to be selected to become head coach of a major Division I team. Instead, he leaves suddenly to become an assistant coach at Butler. That was kind of strange to me.

I am not saying that Butler is not a major Division I team. What I am saying is that, normally, great Division I head coaches, such as Coach Holtmann, leave smaller programs to become great head coaches of bigger programs. They don’t normally leave cushion jobs to become assistant coaches. In addition, Coach Holtmann was rewarded a contract extension form Gardner Webb thru 2018.

With the news that Coach Brandon Miller is taking a medical leave due to unknown circumstances; it all became clear to me. Coach Holtmann was a security blanket for Butler in the case that something happens to Coach Miller.

I don’t have any proof of that but for what other reason will a great coach like Coach Hotlmann make such a move?

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Coach Chris Holtmann is Security for Butler
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