Coaching Change Grades
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There were forty (40) division 1 coaching changes in 2015 thus far. Twenty one (21) were fired (55%), Eleven (11) advanced to coach other teams (24%), four (4) had expired contracts (10%), three (3) Resigned (8%) and only one (1) retired.
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D1 Coaching Changes 2015

List of Changes:

Anthony Grant- Fired – Out
Avery Johnson - In

Arkansas-Little Rock
Steve Shields- Contract Up- Out
Chris Beard - In

Utah State
Stew Morrill- Retired- Out
Tim Duryea - In

George Mason
Coach Paul Hewitt- Fired- Out
Dave Paulsen - In

Alan Major- Fired- Out
Mark Price - In

David Carter – Fired – Out
Eric Musselman - In

Dale Layer- Fired- Out
Ritchie McKay - In

Tom Pecora -Fired- Out
Jeff Neubauer - In

San Diego
Bill Grier- Fired- Out
Lamont Smith - In

Jerome Allen- Resigned – Out
Steve Donahue - In

Illinois- Chicago
Howard Moore – Contract Exp. - Out
Steve McClain - In

Chuck Driesell –Contract Exp.- Out
Duggar Baucom - In

Holy Cross
Milan Brown –Fired- Out
Bill Carmody- In

De Paul
Oliver Purnell- Resigned- Out
Dave Leitao - In

Northern Kentucky
David Bezold – Fired- Out
John Brannen - In

E. Tennessee St.
Murry Bartow – Fired- Out
Steve Forbes - In

Lennox Forrester- Fired- Out
Jon Harris - In

Utah Valley University
Dick Hunsaker- Resigned – Out
Mark Pope - In

Mississippi State
Rick Ray –Fired- Out
Ben Howland -In

Geno Ford – Fired – Out
Brian Wardle - In

SE Missouri St.
Dickey Nutt – Fired- Out
Rick Ray - In

Arizona St.
Herb Sendek – Fired- Out
Bobby Hurley - In

Kennesaw State
Jimmy Lallathan – Fired- Out
AL Skinner- In

Donnie Tyndall – Fired- Out
Rick Barnes - In

St. John's
Steve Lavin – Fired- Out
Chris Mullin- In

Green Bay
Brian Wardle- Adv. To Bradley – Out
Linc Darner - In

Rick Barnes – Fired - Out
Shaka Smart - In

Dave Paulsen- Advanced to George Mason – Out
Nathan Davis - In

Eastern Kentucky
Jeff Neubauer – Advances to Fordham- Out
Dan McHale - In

Bowling Green
Chris Jans- Fired- Out
Michael Huger - In

Shaka Smart- Advanced to Texas- Out
Will Wade - In

Duggar Baucom – Advanced to Citadel – Out
Dan Earl- In

Will Wade- Advanced to VCU- Out
Matt McCall - In

Bobby Hurley- Advanced to Arizona State- Out
Nate Oats - In

Benjy Taylor- Fired – Out
Eran Ganot - In

Alcorn State
Luther Riley- Contract up- Out
Montez Robinson- In

Billy Donovan- Advance to the NBA- Out
Michael White- In

Louisiana Tech
Michael White- Advanced to Florida- Out
Eric Konkol - In

Iowa State
Fred Hoiberg - Advanced to the Chicago Bull (PRO) – Out
Steve Prohm - In

Murray State
Steve Prohm – Advanced to Iowa State – Out
Matt McMahon - In

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